Kittens Gallery

Please note that the kittens shown on this page are from previous litters and not available for adoption. Colors and patterns are identified above each picture.

Please e-mail for current kitten availability.

Blue Point Mink

Seal Mitted Lynx

Seal Bi-Color

Flame Mitted

Seal Mitted Mink/Seal Point Mink

Seal Mitted Mink

Blue Point

Seal Bi-color

(in a typical Ragdoll position!)

Blue Bi-color

Blue Point

Seal Mitted Lynx

Seal Point

Blue Mitted Lynx

Blue Bi-colors/Blue Mitted

Blue Mitted Mink

Seal Mitted/Seal Mitted Tortie

Blue Point


Seal Mitted Mink

Seal Tortie

Seal Point Lynx Mink

Blue Point

Seal Bi-color

Blue Eyed White

Blue Mitted

Seal Bi-color Mink


Kittens "spooning"

"I'm running for President of Jazzmania!"

"Yup, I'm human!"

Cutest face ever!

YOU should try feeding six babies at the same time!

I'm exhausted feeding TWO babies!

Fireplace nap

So silly ... and adorable!

What's for lunch, Mom?

Mom's Bed is the BEST!

Oops, was I not supposed to climb the screen door?!?

Screen door transgression.... from the other side

Love hangin' out in my food bowl!

Briefcase Kitty

Hide and seek under the pillows

Did you want your pillow, Mom?

Time to play hide and seek!


I'm so cute - adopt me!