Jazzmania History

A Lifelong Love for Felines…

began as a child on the family farm where there were always cats/kittens to be found. The Mom kitties would keep the babies hidden in the barn until 6-8 weeks of age but once they came out of hiding, it was my personal mission to catch and tame each and every one! My dream was to one day have an indoor pet kitty of my own. That dream has more than come true thanks to Gail Bagley who became my mentor more than 20 years ago at the beginning of my Ragdoll adventure. In addition to providing quality breeders (including Jazzy Jewel), she spent hours educating me and sitting with me while my first litters were born.


The Ragdoll Experience…

Ragdolls are extremely loving but also feisty and tons of fun! They love to play and even the adults often think they’re still kittens and will join in the fun. Ragdolls will follow you from room to room, whether it be “helping” in a home office or “helping” prepare meals in the kitchen. Otherwise, you’ll find them curled up on top of a computer, on a cat condo or snuggled in a lap. And best of all, they make wonderful bed buddies!


Working with this wonderful breed has been one of the most joyful and fulfilling experiences of my life. Each cat and kitten holds a special place in my heart and I strive to provide each with the best possible start in life. Cats and kittens are never caged at Jazzmania and much time is invested in their care and socialization.


Pictures of my adults and kittens along with descriptions of their colors and patterns can be found in Jazzmania’s galleries. Enjoy!