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*comes to greet us at the door
*follows us everywhere....shower, bathroom, laundry room, etc.
*knows his name
*loves going upstairs to bedroom for pre-sleep playtime
*wakes us up at 5:00 AM with loud purrs, kitten kisses, and snoogles
*taps us with a paw to get us to play with him
*hides around corners and leaps out at us waving his paws ferociusly...loves it if we jump and run away in terror
*eats us out of house and home
*is growing like a weed
*enjoys visitors and likes everyone...was not intimidated at all by the scary AC fixerman and all his tools
*is a wonderful companion and friend

We love him!

Lois and Steve





Akule is quite the camper. I own an Itasca Sunrise and this is his usual position while traveling. He has a stroller for walks at the campgrounds. Akule will wait at the door and then jump into his stroller. Everyone is so surprised to see him. My friends have a dog and he will reach out and touch his nose. I never would have imagined the happiness Akule has brought to my life. When home, he is by my side or we are playing our version of tag. Akule will chase me all over the house, after which is a treat. Akule will give his paw for a treat, too. However, with all this love comes night time. Akule will cuddle up next to me and wake me with a gentle paw to the nose in the morning.

Thank you, Joyce, for my fantastic boy.

Joyce has a wonderful cattery. You know at once that you have stepped into a home that is filled with love. When you meet the kittens, they are full of excitement and want to greet you. Everything is immaculate and clean. I highly recommend Joyce and her wonderful Ragdolls. I promise you won't be sorry. They are everything she says they will be.

Unconditional love.

We just want to thank you for being such a great breeder. You raise the most precious kittens that grow up to be the finest cats. Considering we adopted two, we just fell in love with the breed. Sophie is just like her mother. Very calm, sweet and a little sassy. Extremely vocal. She loves having all the attention towards her and gets a little jealous when she isn't. She acts like a queen. Percy is full of joy, super playful, and loves to snuggle. Just like his "sister", he has a wonderful, vivid personality and it makes having the duo awesome. He's a great addition to the family. He gets along perfectly with the dogs (not even a single hiss). With Sophie, it took some time for her to accept Percy but now they are close friends. They can play for hours just chasing each other or having fun with their toys.

We just want to let you know that you are an exceptional breeder and you do a flawless job at what you do. Whenever people ask (and they do), "where'd you get that cat, it's gorgeous", we always say they are from Jazzmania Ragdolls, owned by our good friend, Joyce. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. You run a highly reputable cattery and we can never thank you enough for bringing Sophie and Percy into our lives. We truly appreciate it.

Sincerely, The Sacko Family


Jackson needs to be with me, always. He is always waiting for me at the door when I come home, and loves to roll over for tummy rubs. He often runs full speed ahead throughout the house with no apparent mission. One of the funniest behaviors is that during the night, he will go downstairs to the toy basket and bring upstairs several of his "sparkly balls". He will put one or two next to my side of the bed, one in the bathroom, and then a few more that follow my path into the kitchen. It is almost as if he were leaving me a path of rose petals!!!! So, I gather them up while thanking him profusely and return them to the toy basket. The next night, the same thing happens again! The other amusing behavior he has is that once or twice a week, he will go into my daughter's room (who no longer lives at home) and take one of her stuffed animals, the bigger, the better!! He will drag the stuffed animal to some surprise destination in the house, and leave it there. Then, if I happen to go near where he has hidden it, he seems to wait there, smirking, until I find it and then I burst out laughing! He hides them where he knows I will look eventually, even if it takes days. He is full of personality!!

Joyce is an outstanding Ragdoll breeder, requiring strict sanitary practices when visiting her immaculate cattery. The babies are truly raised "under foot" in her lovely home and they are attended to professionally, skillfully, and lovingly. I was able to spend time with the very affectionate mother cat, Tacy, of my chosen kitten and I understand why Jackson is so sweet and yet so comical. The experience of dealing with Joyce and Jazzmania Ragdolls was exceptional from start to finish. It is truly a labor of love for Joyce. Her communication is excellent and always prompt, and she guides you through the process seamlessly. She spends a great deal of time to fully inform the new Ragdoll owner about nutrition and health care in order to assure a great beginning for the new family member. Joyce is always delighted to follow the progress of her babies and to see their pretty faces as they mature into adults. I cannot imagine a better breeder experience than with Joyce. Thank you for my beautiful mink baby, Jackson, who brings smiles to my face everyday!

I Stevens

"I just have to share this story with you about my most precious "Pasha" who is really my shadow and very best friend.  I would almost swear that he is human, and he is a precious gift from the late Jazzy of his last, I think.  OK, here goes.  Last week I had an outpatient surgery and was home the very same day but in a lot of pain...Pasha has been at my side constantly (even when I go to the bathroom).  A couple of days ago I got a cold and he has even been more like glue.  Today, I had to lay down in the afternoon because I was breaking out in a cold sweat and my nose was running non-stop.  Well, up on the bed comes Pasha with a box of Nyquil (in pill form) that he had gotten from the dresser.  I thought he wanted to play and thought it was a toy, so I simply said, "Oh, Pasha, that isn't a mousey, that is Nyquil, and it is only for the night time."  I put it aside on my nightstand thinking that was it.
I then rolled over as Pasha laid on the other side of me, but I began to cough while sniffling as well.  Pasha left the bed for what I thought was my annoying coughing.  All the sudden I felt his nose in the back of my neck and a piece of paper poking me.  He had brought me a cough drop from the bag he had hijacked in the bathroom.  He had wrestled with the bag until he got 3 to fall out, and brought me just the one.  I have to tell you, Joyce, that I just wept...I love him more than words can say.  You produce some human Ragdolls in your cattery, but I have never heard of a cat like my "Pasha" that actually possesses compassion and understanding.  He is such a precious gift to my life that is my little piece of heaven when everything else goes wrong.  Thank you for my "Superman" Pasha!! 
Warm blessings, Lisa

"We just want to tell you that Bella is such a joy to our lives!!  She is so lovable and funny with her sister (Santina) and we are looking forward to adopting her new sister from you in the coming months!!  We would recommend you and your Ragdoll cattery to anyone who wants to adopt these docile pets.  Feel free to post this on your website because not only do you breed the best Ragdolls, it shows how much you care and love your feline friends!"

See you soon... Michael and Doreen

"Finding Joyce has been an amazing blessing for our family! While going thru a *very bad* experience with another Ragdoll breeder, I prayed for guidance and the Lord led me to Joyce's website. I contacted her and explained the unfortunate situation I was in. Joyce was so helpful! We set up an appt. to visit her home that weekend and we were very impressed! Joyce's experience and love of breeding Ragdolls was apparent in the way she runs Jazzmania. 

She is an excellent example of what a responsible, ethical breeder should be. Her dedication to raising beautiful, healthy Ragdolls is obvious within seconds of walking into her *immaculate* home! - Be prepared to take off your shoes at the door and wash your hands before handling any kittens! Needless to say, we left that evening as excited, new clients with a renewed positive outlook on breeders! Joyce's reliable communication surpassed all my expectations! Every question or email was answered promptly! After our initial visit, we had a few weeks of eager waiting until we could pick our kitten!  The day finally arrived and when we went into her room to play with a litter of four lynx baby boys - we fell head over heels in love! Looking into all those bright, blue eyes rimmed with "white eye-liner" our hearts just melted!  How hard it was to choose between them!!! But, we finally decided on one of those four little brothers for our very own, and we are totally smitten with our kitten!!! 

Our new baby boy ~ Troy ~ is an adorable blue mitted lynx. He is truly gorgeous and has the sweetest, most mellow and gentle personality!  When he isn't playing like a wild boy, he just melts in our arms like butter!!! He is so floppy and welcomes our endless hugs and kisses so willingly!  Everyone who comes over is amazed at how docile and sweet tempered he is!

Everything we ever dreamed of in a cat...we found in our new baby!!! Troy and our Samoyed, Miko, are best buddies too! Finding Jazzmania was an answered prayer and Joyce is just a delight to work with.  She never treated us like we were "a client on a list." We were treated as friends!  If you are considering adopting a Ragdoll kitty, *PLEASE* contact Joyce first and see for yourself what a patient, caring, dependable breeder you will be working with!  I promise you - you will be *completely* satisfied.   She is free to give my # or email out as a reference!
Dawn & Family...Troy too. From Maryland  =^..^=

When we decided we wanted another pet in our family, we came across Joyce's Jazzmania Website.    We were immediately attracted to the breed and fell in love with every kitten we saw.   When the time came to choose our kitten, it was the hardest decision we've ever made.   We wanted them all.   We purchased Romeo in 2005.   He blended right into the household with our other cat, Cloe, and our Maltese, Gizmo.   We so enjoyed Romeo...his disposition...his nature...his playful personality that we decided to get a second ragdoll and that's when Juliet became the latest addition to our family.   We refer to Romeo as our Mountain Lion and since her arrival into the household, Juliet has become our Little Princess and Daddy's Little Girl.   Juliet is very affectionate...loves to cuddle...always greets us at the door.   They're both very curious about everything in their little world. They entertain themselves for hours, whether it be a little stuffed mouse, a ball, pipe cleaner or even a shoestring and it's not unusual to see all 4 of my babies curled up together for their nap.   I'm really looking forward to the day when my husband gives in and let's me get a 3rd  :)

Bill & Verna

We are the proud owners of two gorgeous Ragdolls that we purchased from Joyce this past year. Andre Javan is almost 5 and Queen Sheba Hayley is 7+ months. Joyce has been a joy to work with from the first time we met her to discuss getting our first Ragdoll(s). It is obvious that she loves each and every queen, stud and kitten. Her thorough instructions and ongoing availability to answer questions have been invaluable to us. We also love the fact that the kittens come with all their first-year vet needs taken care of including spaying/neutering.  We are totally in love with our babies and completely satisfied with our buying experience from a to z. If you have any thought about getting a Ragdoll, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Joyce.

Best regards,


Jazzmania Adrienne
Blue Mitted
Owner: Tiffany & Chris
"Who says Ragdolls don't like water?"


Sir Simon Sebastian
Flame Mitted w/Blaze

Owner: Judith    
"This is the life!"

I seriously doubt that anyone that has not had the pleasure of having a Ragdoll could ever understand the level of enthusiasm with which we talk about our babies. I am privileged enough to be owned by two Ragdolls. Georgie, my three-year-old cream bicolor, and Jesse, my one and a half year old, SIXTEEN POUND, seal bi-color. When Georgie and I moved to PA, I decided that he needed a *baby* to keep him company while I was at work. I visited a few breeders in my area and then heard about Joyce. I drove from Stroudsburg down to Lancaster to "check her cattery out." After spending about two minutes in Joyce's home, I knew that I had to have one of her babies. Luckily for me, a few weeks after my visit, Joyce e-mailed me and told me that there was a little male seal bi-color available. This was my "Jesse." He is such a *lover*!! He and Georgie get along so well. Every evening when I get home, they are both at the door to greet me. Jesse proceeds to tell me about their day as he *herds* me to the kitchen and the drawer where the treats are kept. If I lie down on the couch, Jesse jumps up on me and becomes my "leg warmer." When Jesse comes into a room that I am in, he drops down, rolls over onto his back, and waits for "tummy rubs." If I take him to the vet's, the technicians take him from me and pass him around for "loves." Every person that sees Jesse wants to "kidnap" him because he is so beautiful ... I mean handsome. I am so fortunate that I found Joyce. I know that when it's time for another baby, I will find a perfect one with her.

Sara Grace

We went to buy a kitten from Joyce; somehow, we ended up with two of them. They were so lovable and adorable that we wanted another one and went back but couldn't decide which one we wanted so we picked out two more. We have a female, Miss Dolly, she is quite a lady except for the times when she decides to romp with the younger boys. Then we have our boy, Bo. He has the biggest blue eyes and the longest tail. He is a clown and keeps us laughing all the time. He entertains himself with any small toy for long periods of time.

The two youngest boys are brothers - we call them Buddy and Blue. They are our cuddlers and have the sweetest natures. Blue loves to steal our chairs as soon as we get off of them for a moment, he actually seems to grin and say "HAHA, I got your chair!" Buddy is a talker, he meows if he wants a closed door opened so he can explore. We call him our little dog because he always greets us at the door when we come home. And they all follow us around the house, up and down the steps, to the bathroom or the sunroom. Both Buddy and Blue love to snuggle under the covers with us at times. And Miss Dolly and Bo like to sleep on our feet.

These cats have brought so much joy and fun into our lives, I can't imagine life without them.


So many cute, lovable ragdolls, so little time. When we visited Joyce for the first time, we fell in love with all the cats and kittens who live there. What a difficult decision it is to pick out just one cute kitten. They're all adorable. We already have one Ragdoll, Romeo, whom we felt needed a pal. We waited for a seal pointed and when Joyce told us one was available we went to check him out. Instant love. Meiko is a healthy, social, and extremely loving kitten. He easily fit into our household. He loves to cuddle next to my wife every night and loves to sit on her lap and be spoiled with lots of petting and chin rubs. He follows me from room to room and especially likes to help me with my crossword puzzles. He takes my pen, knocks it on the floor and entertains himself for long periods of time by chasing it across our hardwood floors. We couldn't be happier with our choice. Visit Jazzmania Ragdolls - you won't be disappointed.

     I've done quite a bit of research on Ragdoll Cats and was referred to Jazzmania's Cattery by another breeder.  I was originally interested in the Blue Mitted coloring, but when I spoke to Joyce Houser (owner of Jazzmania Cattery) she was wondering if I'd be interested in a blue bi-color kitten that was available at that very time!  I traveled to her home and that VERY day a blue bi-color kitten went home with me!   

     We have named him "Lord Bentley of Linglestown."  However, he goes by "Bentley.  My husband and I are thrilled with Bentley.  He has the BEST personality and he is so playful and loving.  I had read many things about Ragdolls and they all seem to be 100% accurate.  They are very loving, gentle, sweet, non-shedding animals.  I was also pleasantly surprised that Bentley was so well-trained on using his scratching post.  Growing up we had always had declawed cats.  My husband does not believe in getting cats declawed and I was really amazed at how Bentley is so good about not clawing anything!  He uses his scratching posts religiously.   

     Bentley is a GREAT addition to our family.  We ADORE him and I couldn't be happier with chosing Jazzmania Cattery.  Joyce is very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and you really feel that you are getting a healthly, well-trained, lovable animal!  I have forwarded pictures of Bentley to my friends and I now have three other families inquiring about getting a Ragdoll.  This breed is awesome and if you are looking at this WEBSITE you really need to get one for yourself!


Name: Ian (Seal Bicolor)
Owners: Allen & Annette
"In Heaven I will have Ragdoll cats"

Siamese cats have always been my favorite breed...that is until I bought my first Ragdoll. Ian, at 15 months and approximately 16 lbs., is the love of our lives. When I first contacted Joyce regarding a new Ragdoll, I told her I wanted a blue mitted female. We went to view the kittens and I was thrilled that we had to take our shoes off before entering her immaculate home and then wash our hands before we could get near the babies. I knew then that we were with a caring and qualified breeder. The kittens were adorable and the adult cats so beautiful that they took your breath away. I quickly changed my mind about the blue female when Ian walked right over to my husband and stood on his foot and looked up at him as if to say....Hi, here I am." It was love at first sight and he has turned out to be the funniest cat. He runs through the house "zooming"...that is the only way we can describe the sound he makes when he zooms around corners and into a room. He greets us at the door and flops for a back scratch or belly rub. He follows me everywhere and will lay across my legs and purr or comes up and gives kisses. He gets along famously with my other sealpoint male, Nigel. The Ragdoll breed is as much fun as the Siamese without all the bad "things" Siamese do. I will always have a Ragdoll....the best breed I have ever owned. Ragdolls are truly lovable gentle giants and I recommend them to everyone. An additional comment about Joyce - she has always been there when I have had a question and truly cares about each kitten that is adopted. She is the best breeder I have ever dealt with in 35 years.

Misty (a.k.a. Snowball) is without a doubt the best, most loving, most beautiful, and most fantastic cat we have ever had. We have had a cat or two in our house every year for the last 30 years. We had two cats that were litter mates, not siblings, and one died about 18 months ago. I thought that she, Sasha, was the best ever. When she died it was like a sister or mother of mine had died.

     When we brought Misty home, he was into and onto everything he could find. He was immediately the dominant cat at 10 weeks, while our other cat, Meeko, hid in a corner. They are now good friends, but Misty is still dominant. He follows us to any room we sit in and just loves to be held and brushed. He has a face like a movie star. My wife (who didn't want another cat), cannot get over what a wonderful pet and companion he is.

     Besides being sweet and beautiful, Misty is very smart. I won't go into all the tricks he can do or how much he seems to understand. I told my children that I am changing the will and everything's going to their "brother," Misty...just kidding!


I had lost my Jazz of 18 years to chronic renal failure. The house felt so empty despite still having Missy (the stray cat that adopted me) and Ellie, the Lhasa Apso. I always had multiple cats and Missy and I were both missing another cat. I knew I wanted a great big loving lap cat as Missy is only 5 pounds full grown. So, I started doing some research about cats on the internet. I came upon the Ragdoll breed and thought that was exactly what I was looking for. Then I did a search for breeders and guess what came up? "Jazzmania." What could I do? I went and visited with Joyce and her kitties and felt sad that I could not come home with a kitty. Luckily she still had some kittens available but they wouldn't be ready for 4 more weeks. Joyce was so patient with me and allowed me to visit twice to try to pick which kitten I wanted. Shy, little Livvie would barely come out of the bathroom! But she was the one. Now, after 6 weeks in her new home, she is anything but shy. The Ragdoll has been called a "puppy-cat" and Livvie is a prime example. She loves to play and fetches better than the dog! She loves to be held just like a baby, cradled in my arms. She is a constant companion as she follows me wherever I go, and greets me the moment I enter the house. I guess that is why she has come to be called "Livvie Love!" I recommend Joyce and her "Rags" to anyone looking for a special new addition to their home.


Benny "The Jet" is just stunning, the spitting image of his mother, Miss Muff. People often remark that he is the cutest cat they've ever seen. We couldn't be happier with him. Joyce was accurate in all her descriptions of the breed. Benny is very affectionate, giving us "kisses" every morning and greeting us at the door each night! He loves to play and fetches just like a dog. We highly recommend Joyce and Jazzmania Cattery - we had a wonderful experience and you won't be disappointed!!!"

Michele and Emerson

My name is Meg and my fiance, Justin came home with little Frosty.  I just wanted to let you know how much excitement and joy he has brought into the family.  I find myself so distraught when I have to leave him at home. He has fit into our lifestyles perfectly and I can't imagine my life without him.  He is sitting right by the computer watching me type this, following the mouse. He is so healthy and so interested in everything.  I have him trained that when he cries because he wants to be picked up, he sits and lifts his paws up!!  I really just wanted to thank you so much for such a great kitten and such a great family member!



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